The BEACH Plan


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I will lead to fund more infrastructure, neighborhood clean-up programs, and art projects in our community. Pot holes need to be filled. Curbs and sidewalks need repairs. Trash in our alleys need to be cleaned up. More cross walks with flashing lights are needed. Additional street lights in dim neighborhoods will improve public safety. And we need more water fountains with the option to fill residents’ refillable water bottles. The Second District is also home to the East Village and Retro Row – it is THE Arts District of Long Beach.  Too often we expect artists to work for free, or hire those from outside our community. I will support the working artists of our district by commissioning them to help design and adorn our parks and community.

Economic Inclusion

I will lead to keep good-local jobs in our community. My plan is to work with Long Beach’s anchor institutions such as the Port of Long Beach and Cal State Long Beach to incentivize they hire locally, but also invest their purchasing power in locally owned new businesses to keep wealth within our city. I will help make our small businesses competitive to win contracts with our anchor institutions. If we help our local businesses, we are directly and indirectly investing in our community. The Institute for Local Self-Reliance found, “independent retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales than chain competitors.” In other words, if we spend $100 at a small business that triggers an additional $45 in spending locally within our economy. If we work with our anchor institutions, we can support and build economic wealth within our neighborhoods.


I will lead to make our District’s resources accessible to everyone. Our neighbors with disabilities, senior citizens, immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, and our youth – especially girls – need a leader who knows how to advocate for equitable funding using a social justice approach. I can champion access for everyone because I have led that work for twenty years as a teacher to thousands of students. I will also lead on more access to parking. While I understand the safer streets vision and as a runner and cyclist appreciate the design, our small businesses should have been more involved in the planning. If our small businesses die, our community cannot thrive. Let’s find the middle ground to get people safely out of their cars near our small businesses. Finally, as an expert on criminal justice and reform efforts, access to holistic public safety is also a top-priority for me.

Climate Change

I will lead locally to reduce our greenhouse gases; this is a global crisis. We need immediate action to slow down and mitigate the effects of disastrous life-threatening climate change. Though the crisis is global, I will lead our local community to take assertive action and work in concert with state and federal government to aggressively move forward green policies helping to mitigate climate change. It’s important to note that green policies must also adopt a worker-rights framework ensuring that green jobs pay a living wage and that we build in effective structures that transition and train workers into green jobs. I will implement a Zero Waste Long Beach initiative that will further add local jobs and cut emissions by sorting waste and recycling locally. This plan addresses gaps in recycling service for some Second District residents who don’t have recycling pickup. It also increases air quality since Long Beach is one of the few cities in California that still burns its waste, even though our air quality is consistently ranked poorly while also increasing the number of high-paid, union jobs available to residents.


I will lead on affordable housing. Period. Residents are facing a crisis of affordability that is forcing people out of their homes and the community they love. We need immediate rent relief for struggling families and seniors on a fixed income and to better coordinate our wrap around services for people experiencing homelessness. I will prioritize creative solutions to building more affordable housing while working to centralize the city’s response to homelessness. We also need to save and build more affordable housing. The economic diversity that is iconic in Long Beach must be maintained; this city should be a home for all economic backgrounds.