Eduardo’s Values

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Social Justice

I lead with an unwavering commitment to social justice. Politics and government should aim to provide communities an environment where everyone has equitable opportunities to thrive. Leadership is about breaking down barriers for others and I use Dr. Martin Luther King’s words as a guiding light toward this goal, “The moral arc of the universe is long, but it always bends toward justice.”


People Power

I lead to represent and champion the people. And I believe in bringing a diverse and inclusive coalition of people together to advance progressive change. Together, let’s make City Hall accessible to everyone, not just the elite and well-connected. As a community, we live out the spirit of the words, “The people united should never be divided.”

Visionary Leadership

I lead with a vision toward the future. Our communities deserve a city where all workers are treated with the dignity they deserve. My vision of economic inclusion means that all residents will have a bigger share of our city’s economic prosperity. My eye toward the future includes a Long Beach where residents have real access to good paying jobs, affordable housing, green spaces, a healthy environment, quality youth programs, resources for elders, mental health services, and safe neighborhoods. By working together, we will carry out the words of labor organizer and feminist, Dolores Huerta, “¡Si Se Puede!”