In the closing days of this primary election, we need all campaigns to be honest and transparent. It is clear, residents in the Second District are troubled by these allegations and deserve answers. At minimum, what has been reported in the news brings to light questions of credibility to serve in elected office and potential conflict of interest. I hope journalists continue to keep us informed about any further developments.

For the sake of democracy, it is important voters receive clarity on the matter so we can focus on the issues. Voters in Long Beach are struggling with paying rent due to skyrocketing housing costs and our community needs real solutions to address the homeless crisis. In a time when voters are clearly speaking at the ballot box with a demand for change, we need progressive leadership, not the same status quo policies that have hurt our neighborhoods.


Dr. Eduardo Lara is a professor and faculty union member at Cal State Long Beach. He is running to be our Long Beach City Councilmember to retain and attract local good-paying jobs, keep our homes affordable, and address homelessness. Dr. Lara holds bachelor and master’s degrees from George Washington University; his Ph.D. in Education is from UCLA.